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Colunm surgery: Usually, the patient with a spinal disease is susceptible to falling into “miracle” treatments or inexperienced hands; But if properly cared for, the precise diagnosis will lead to one or more treatments that will dramatically improve her quality of life.

The most common conditions are:

Back pain

Due to muscular injuries at work or in sports.

Herniated discs

Both in the lower back and in the cervical spine.


pinal joint wear (degenerative).

Sciatic nerve pain

Numbness, tingling, and loss of strength in one or both legs.

Scoliosis and Xiphosis

Spinal deformities.

Spinal instability

Micromotion between two or more vertebrae, secondary to wear or trauma.


By accident or osteoporosis.


Of primary origin from the vertebrae themselves or from other organs (prostate, breast, lung, among others).


Of primary or secondary origin to previous surgeries.

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